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Relaxing Holidays to Tyros Peloponnese Greece


  • Whole grain bread and traditional rusk.
  • Olive paste, vinegar olives with oregano and extra virgin olive oil of our own production through traditional farming process.
  • Fresh boiled egg, local gruyere cheese and sun-dry tomatoes.
  • Τhyme honey and fresh butter.
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice.
  • Local “spoon” sweets (olive or quince or grape)
  • Coffee or milk or mountain tea.


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Quiet Beach Holidays in Peloponnese Greece

Quiet Holidays on the beach in Tyros Peloponnese Greece is a precious experience you should have. Here you will forget the city noise and you will enjoy natural beauty and tsakonian hospitality.

In the area of Peloponnese Greece, tourists are able to find a great number of Hotels which offer a pleasant stay. But in this town, you will find our Hotel by the seaside. When a visitor steps inside he will feel our excellent hospitality

Most of our rooms overlook to the Myrtoan Sea. It is certain that you will enjoy a pleasant stay and of course the great views as you will admire the landscape from your private balcony.

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Greek Easter Traditions in Tyros Arkadias

Easter Traditions in Tyros Greece are unique as people respect and continue Tsakonian Traditional Customs. It is an unforgettable experience that you can't miss. Holy Friday visitors will follow the procession of the two epitaphs on the coastal road which is accompanied, by the sea, by fishing boats and vessels. Holy Saturday little kids are placing thousands of candles in the sea into the gulf. Each candle is a symbol of a dead soul because many sailors and fishermen have died in the sea during all these years. At night, the time of the Resurrection of Jesus, in both parishes of the town fire-raisers start spectacular fireworks at the same time.

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Peloponnese Holidays in the Beautiful Town of Tyros

Peloponnese Holidays in the beautiful seaside town of Tyros Greece will amaze you as you will admire the peaceful landscape around and the traditional hospitality of the people. This amazing settlement is located at the mountainside of Parnonas and meets Myrtoan Sea.

A great number of tourists are coming here in order to spend their summer vacations due to the crystal clean beaches, the area's beauty and the tsakonian festivals. Everybody leaves with excellent impressions and wish to come back again. Tourists have the opportunity to visit Prehistoric Walls, Tyritas Sanctuary or the Ancient Theatre. This place is a basic part of Tsakonian Culture. Many signs certify it as they are written in the traditional Tsaconian language which comes from the ancient Doric. Tourists realize that local people respect and honor their traditions.

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Greek Vacation Packages in Tyros Peloponnese

Low cost holidays with cheap greek vacation packages in Tyros, Peloponnese. Check vacation deals of our hotel and you will be amazed from our offers. Enjoy your relaxing time in a very friendly environment with amazing natural beauty, crystal clear waters for swimming and great hospitality.

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