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Relaxing Holidays to Tyros Peloponnese Greece

Greek Easter Traditions in Tyros Arkadias

Easter Traditions in Tyros Greece are unique as people respect and continue Tsakonian Traditional Customs. It is an unforgettable experience that you can't miss. Holy Friday visitors will follow the procession of the two epitaphs on the coastal road which is accompanied, by the sea, by fishing boats and vessels. Holy Saturday little kids are placing thousands of candles in the sea into the gulf. Each candle is a symbol of a dead soul because many sailors and fishermen have died in the sea during all these years. At night, the time of the Resurrection of Jesus, in both parishes of the town fire-raisers start spectacular fireworks at the same time.


Meanwhile visitors can watch another fabulous custom which performed by the parish of Metamorfosis Sotiros, the burn of Judas in the sea on a special naval raft by the fire-raisers. During Judas burning, visitor can watch special fireworks and dynamites! This spectacular custom started during the Ottoman Empire and residents here kept it alive until our days.

Unforgettable Greek Easter Customs

During Easter Day, visitors will have another different surprise due to our special Greek Easter Customs. In Santa Marina church, which is located at the central square of the town, people attend by the priests the reading of the Gospel at the Tsakonian dialect. This dialect comes from the Doric dialect and residents here still keep it with respect. Then at the central square starts the original Greek party, accompanied by traditional delicious dishes, such as lamp, wine and of course folk music. The Local Cultural Association organizes folk dances, one of them the Historical Tsakonian Dance.

You will also find many taverns and restaurants with local specialties and products, as well as many cafés and bars. You will be impressed with the hospitality spirit wherever you decide to go.

Today there are approximately 2,000 residents and their main activities are tourism, maritime, fishing and agricultural activities.