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Relaxing Holidays to Tyros Peloponnese Greece

Peloponnese Holidays in the Beautiful Town of Tyros

Peloponnese Holidays in the beautiful seaside town of Tyros Greece will amaze you as you will admire the peaceful landscape around and the traditional hospitality of the people. This amazing settlement is located at the mountainside of Parnonas and meets Myrtoan Sea.

A great number of tourists are coming here in order to spend their summer vacations due to the crystal clean beaches, the area's beauty and the tsakonian festivals. Everybody leaves with excellent impressions and wish to come back again. Tourists have the opportunity to visit Prehistoric Walls, Tyritas Sanctuary or the Ancient Theatre. This place is a basic part of Tsakonian Culture. Many signs certify it as they are written in the traditional Tsaconian language which comes from the ancient Doric. Tourists realize that local people respect and honor their traditions.


Ideal holidays to Peloponnese all seasons

This amazing place attracts visitors all seasons of year, whenever they decide to come and spend their time on this location. Choose Tyros for relaxing summer peloponnese holidays and enjoy the clean sea. Organize your autumn vacations to visit our historical destinations. Feel the joy of a mountain hike during winter or participate to our Easter unique events

This harbor hosts yachts and small fish boats. Since it is one of the oldest maritime cities of eastern Peloponnese, residents here have long sea tradition as sailors or fishermen.

The historic interest for this area attracts every year more tourists. Whenever you decide to visit our location, you will feel hospitality and kindness of the residents, the excellent service, the customer care and of course the delicious food from local products. You will discover various taverns restaurants to enjoy Greek cuisine and also bars or cafeterias in order to have fun.