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In the heart of "Tsakonia"



Tyros Greece is a beautiful traditional town


Tyros Greece is a beautiful traditional town with strong cultural heritage. Tyros Arkadias is located in the most fantastic beach of eastern Peloponnese, in the heart of "Tsakonia", at a distance of just 2.5 hour drive from Athens (190 km). Tyros Arkadias is one of the remaining eight villages in Greece that still use the Tsakonian language, one of the oldest Doric dialects! The Tsakonians played a key role in Byzantium as elite guards with responsibility to secure the forts; Byzantine writers often mention them in their writings. Pride and hospitality were fundamental values of the Tsakonians throughout history.

One of most traditional customs of Tsakonians is the “Tsakonic dance”; it is believed to be the only kind of historical music in Greece that has survived until today, as it was a sacred worship dance. This dance depicts the effort of Theseus to find his way out of the labyrinth of Knossos and escape from the mythic Minotaur. The Tsakonic dance is always performed wearing the traditional Tsakonic outfit.

The name “Tyros” comes from the sanctuary of Apollon Tyritas, a local god that was worshiped there. The sanctuary is located on the mountain of Prophet Elias, only a few kilometers away from Tyros Greece. The findings from the region are exposed in museums of Sparta, Tripoli, Benaki Museum, as well as Louvre in Paris, France.


Tyros Arkadias was inhabited since the prehistoric times. You can visit the "Cyclopean walls" on a 30 minute hike. The walls are the remains of a prehistoric castle in the ancient town of Tyros.

The fortified settlement was used to observe the ancient port of Karavostassi, 500 meters far from its current position, on the road leading to the three milles. A few decades ago ruins of ancient harbor were found. Tyros Arkadias is one of oldest maritime towns of Peloponnese Greece, where the Tsakonian marines, at least 2,000 years ago, had reached Phoenicia of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Coastal Area of Tyros Arkadias

The map shows the Beautiful Coastal Area of Tyros Greece and the exact location of our hotel.

How to reach us:

By Car:

With a rented car: Rent a Car Athens International Airport - car rental

By Taxi: We can book you a local Taxi from Tyros to pick you up from the airport. The fair costs 240 euros and it will take you about 2.5 hours to get to Tyros.

By Public Transportations:

I. From the Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” you get on the bus line “X3” (in the ground floor of the airport). Follow the X3 bus route till the final station “KTEL Kifissos”. It takes about 80 to 90 minutes and the ticket costs 5 euros per person.

II. From KTEL Kifissos get the bus to Leonidio. There are two daily routs at 08:15, 16:00 and also 18:30 every Friday. The ticket per person costs 18.40€. This trip will take about 3 hours and 30 minutes. You have to get off the bus in Tyros Greece before Leonidio.

Kynouria Arkadias Area

Kynouria is a historical district of Arkadias province in southern part at the heart of Tsakonia. The major cities of this province are Astros, Tyros and Leonidio.

Since the ancient times the "state" of Kynouria became the target of powerful neighbors, Argos and Spartans. On 546 BC the battle of Thyreas, Sparta defeated Argos and Kynouria was conquered by Spartans until 338 BC. The same year king Philip II gave north Kynouria to Argos, while the southern region (Tsakonia) of Tyros remained part of Sparta.

It is rich in history and culture. There are many archaeological sites, museums and dozens of monasteries with lots of genuine Byzantine architectural monuments. In our hotel you will find a full guide with many details.

Tyros Greece Traditions & Festivals


Local bands play music from all around the world in an ethnic party participating in the Tsakonian festival called “Melijazz” at Leonidio.

At the end of July the annual “Emigrants Gathering” takes place at Tyros Greece. Tsakonians who have emigrated to America, Canada and Australia honor their roots in an open party that lasts until the next morning, while a few days before, the "Shepherds Feast" takes place in Paleochora offering an amazing night with folklore songs under the starry sky.

In July you may visit the neighbor town Melana where the local cultural association organizes the “Honey Festival”. Beekeepers and honey producers will surprise you with honey flavors and treats.


Last week of August the Municipality organizes the fest of “Tsakonian Eggplant” at Plaka of Leonidio in cooperation with associations of the area. The Tsakonian eggplant is a local product growing only at the subject area, with origins that come from the area of Tsakonia. A big “eggplant food contest” is taking place, and you have the opportunity to test and vote for the best chef! Bands and dancers will amuse you all day long. You can also buy traditional Tsakonian products from producers, with the number one choice being the sweet eggplant dessert.

At the same time, the "Apollonia Games" are taking place at Tyros Arkadias, with various games and sports including even... a donkey race!


In September there is the “Marines and Fishermen Festival" taking place at Tyros harbor with surprisingly amazing seafood dishes cooked with local recipes, and plenty of wine. The famous Tsakonian dances and songs are not missing from the party.

The Cultural and Educational Association of Tyros together with nearby towns often organizes similar Tsakonian events that will trigger your interest and entertain you during your stay at Tyros Greece.

Places of Interest

Banks: National Bank Of Greece (NBG) and Hellenic Postbank at Tyros Greece

Hospitals: Local Public Health Clinic and two Pharmacies at Tyros Greece. Public Health Center at Leonidio and Astros. General Public Hospitals at Argos and Tripoli.

Nearest Cities: Leonidio 18km, Astros 33km, Argos 63km, Nafplio 66Km, Mycenae 76km, Tripoli 79km, Epidaurus 99km.

Closest beaches: Kryoneri, Tserfo, Zaritsi, Tigani, Lygerias, Kissakas, Livadi, Sabatiki. Enjoy the crystal clear blue sea.

Mountains: Parnon or Malevos, or Kronion (some people say it used to be the sacred mountain of Saturn “Kronus”), the highest mountain of Peloponnese, 1,936 m high and one of Greece’s most beautiful mountains with picturesque traditional villages, shelters and canyons, ideal for trekking and mountain hiking. Zeus, the father of Olympian gods, used to take his bath in river Lousios. Parnon hosts plenty of rare flora and fauna and thus it is protected as an Eco Park.

Monasteries: Parnon has been characterized as the “Agio Oros” (Holly Mountain) of southern Greece because of its large number of monasteries.

There are more than 20 monasteries and some of them you have to visit:

Panagia Elona. This is one historical monastery of Kynouria, established in the 13th century and holds a miraculous illustration of Holy Mary. Built literally into a cave, after Leonidion to Kosmas, it is considered to be the most beautiful, impressive and historic monastery in Greece.

Panagia Malevis. One of the most famous monasteries in Greece on the way from Astros to Agios Petros.

Loukou. There are still ancient remains of the walls of the church, which is build on an ancient sanctuary. Shortly after Astros on the way to Tripoli.

Palaiopanagia. Famous for its traditional character up until today, it is located near Astros.

Panagia Artokosat. The oldest monastic center of Kynouria.

Saint Nicolas Sintzas. At the southwest of Leonidio, built within a red rock.

Saint Nicolas Karyas. Immediately after the monastery of Artokostas on the way to Prastos. The architecture is exactly the same with “Agio Oros” monasteries.

Museums: “Archaeological & Folklore” at Astros, “Loukous” at Loukou monastery, “The Olive tree” at Karakovouni, “Tsakonian” at Melana.

Archeological sites: At Tyros Arkadias: “Sanctuary of Apollo Tyritas" on Prophet Elia mountain’s top and the "Cyclopean walls of Acropolis" of the ancient era. At Astros: the “Villa of Herodes Atticus”. The middle ages “Castle of Oria” at Agios Ioannis.